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Story & Philosophy


The co-existence of
humans and dogs

Humans and dogs have been a perfect team for as long as anyone can remember. A dog is a playfellow, best friend and last but not least the most loyal companion for the dog’s master and mistress for the dog’s entire life.

Our team at Pillow Cake aims at creating the best and finest products for the co-existence of humans and dogs, to celebrate this deep friendship and to add a bit of luxury to the combined world of these two- and four-legged companions.


Timeless classics and
trendy individual pieces

The various collections by Pillow Cake include products such as dog beds, dog toys, dog packs, pillows, blankets, and other dog accessories that will embellish the combined domestic and living environment of dogs and humans.

Within our collection we interpret different themes and styles, so that every master and mistress will find his or her personal taste represented. Timelessly beautiful classics made from wonderful and finest materials are continually supplemented by trendy and fashionable individual pieces or limited editions. This is how Pillow Cake products fit into every living environment in a stylish yet unobtrusive way, and add some fashionable accents at home and outdoors.

Do you have specific demands regarding your dog bed or any other dog accessory? Please feel free to contact our bespoke service.


Handmade and best quality

Our team at Pillow Cake manufactures all our products lovingly by hand, and made from the best materials, the likes of which are normally only to be found in the fashion world. The products are exclusively handcrafted in our German manufactory, where they go through a complex manufacturing process and are subjected to the strictest quality control checks. We think that only the best material and processing is good enough for our customers – whether they are two-legged or four-legged ones.


Maximilian Minkwitz
Creative Director of Pillow Cake

Maximilian Minkwitz is a co-founder and Creative Director of Pillow Cake. It was during a conversation with his family that he got the idea for producing an exclusive collection made of high-quality, luxury dog accessories. Other manufacturers of dog beds & the likes had never been able to satisfy the family’s demands. Driven by a passion for perfection and years of family experience in the fashion world he decided to bring Pillow Cake to life. The basic values of Pillow Cake – exclusivity, quality and passion – are therefore an authentic part of what makes the brand and they are hallmarks of the company following the example of Mr. Minkwitz.