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The Florentine line

The FLORENTINE line is a classic of the Pillow Cake collection and is extremely popular among both owners and dogs. The appeal of the exclusive home accessories is their masculine design with a smart “preppy” look and their ability to fit in with all elegant interior design styles.

The FLORENTINE line products combine high quality dark blue wool with a red cravat print and includes 24 different products such as dog toys, travel beds and decorative pillows.


Especially striking in the FLORENTINE line is the variety of dog toys available in charming shapes such as teddy bears, hearts, cars and purses. Another highlight of the FLORENTINE line is the puppy bag.

Like all our Pillow Cake products, the FLORENTINE line is manufactured in our small-scale factory south of Berlin. Each piece is individually stitched and inspected. As one of only a handful of companies that produce luxury products for dogs, we are proud to say that our products are 100% deserving of the Made in Germany quality seal. You can read more about the Pillow Cake brand here.